Methods of the String Class

There are some functions that are related to the String class so that we can easily work with the strings that we make in the code.

The indexOf Method

  • Returns the index of the character in the string in the form of an integer.
  • There are 4 types of indexOf methods.
    • indexOf ( char )
      • only takes a character and returns the index.
    • indexOf ( char , int fromIndex)
      • takes the character and also the position to start from.
    • indexOf ( string )
      • takes a string as the input and returns the starting index of the string.
    • indexOf ( string , int fromIndex )
      • takes the string and the position to start from.


The charAt method

  • Returns the character of the string according to the given index. If the index does not exist, then it throws an exception.


The length Method

  • Returns the length of the string as an integer.


The concat Method

  • This concatenates the specified string to the end of the original string.


stay tuned for more methods from the string class.



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